Yahoo! Indonesia Not Safe

Yahoo! Indonesia Not Safe. Yesterday I was really surprised because getting sam*******kin email page. Once it was email my colleagues at the plow he had lost others. And this time I actually get emails to prove themselves others without insert id and password. I just open a web page directly to the page i get sam*******kin email page.

Who sam*******kin? For those of you who’ve been struggling on the field with google adsense you may be familiar. Mr ‘Sam’ I’m sorry you email me a few pages show screenshoot (check here : Email Yahoo! Indonesia Tidak Aman) merely to show proof of how security weariness yahoo! Indonesia. Okay I did not renew again to discuss it. I will return to Email Yahoo! That are not safe.

I am quite concerned about the security system yahoo! when before I so believe in safety. In fact now I can prove myself without doing anything.

Therefore, I urge colleagues not to carelessly keep things secret in the your Indonsian Yahoo! mail. That as a precaution if your email id “hijacked” by others. Later loss of you who are you?

For Mr. “Sam” do not worry I will not abuse your email account. . And soon your data in the email you immediately backup worried your Yahoo! Indonesia email can be opened by anyone from anywhere.

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